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Fleet Tracking

A construction company is heavily depended on the efficiency of its equipment along with human resources. Bad maintenance, theft of vehicles or machines, and vandalism can delay projects and cause huge losses. Physical security is just one slice of the larger solution. The GPS technology is now being used by construction companies across the world to increase operational efficiency and reduce wastage of resources. Let us learn more about the benefits:

1 . Prevent The Theft Of Equipment

Construction site theft is rife. The recovery rate is not very encouraging and apart from the loss of such a huge investment, the project delay can spell disaster for the contractors involved. You can place unique physical identifiers on your equipment but criminals can easily change them – this is where GPS trackers add more security.

When the worst case scenario occurs, the GPS tracker that is in place will help you track the stolen equipment or vehicles. Live tracking data can be shared with the authorities and they will act according to their protocol.

GPS tech also acts as a deterrent to theft and related malpractices. Industry practices state that all the company members should be given clear communication regarding GPS monitoring. Explicit labels that describe the equipment’s GPS tech can also prevent criminals from even considering theft.

2. Monitor Usage Of Resources

Construction companies, for generations, have depended on the site managers and on-the-ground professionals to ensure that the work is moving along fine. With GPS trackers in construction vehicles and equipment, fleet managers can actually live track the movement and hustle at the construction site. If a vehicle is idle for too long or has taken a longer route in transit – this is a loss of productive time and fuel respectively – and the GPS tracker gives you all this information.

A GPS tracker offers precious data in the long run which can be used for future strategies. Using the date you can easily figure out the answers to some of the common questions including:

  • Which are the most efficient routes?
  • Which equipment has the most number of idle hours?
  • How much time is a single loading session taking on an average?

A lot of payment in the industry is calculated using the hours spent on the task. GPS-tracking enables managers to find out the actual number of hours mobile equipment has been used for and results in accurate expenditures. Efficient inventory management is another nifty feature of the latest GPS systems.

As more and more companies are striving for leaner operations to increase their margins, investing in a construction-focused GPS system will help you stay ahead of the curve.

3. Ensure Site Staff Discipline

The installation of GPS tech keeps all the workers and staff more alert. Apart from fuel wastage, unsafe driving practices can be identified with the latest GPS tech, which is loaded with features like speed alerts. Managers will be able to track delivery status when equipment and raw materials are being moved around. Communication that is related to productivity and compliance becomes evidence-based and reduces the chances of misunderstandings between construction site professionals and higher-ups. There is less space for argument when you present data in an objective manner.

4. Increase Management Level Productivity

If you are handling a construction company’s operations on a large scale, dealing with multiple fleets and locations, then a GPS system will do wonders. Managers are able to log into a single device and monitor everything, making manual observations and collecting detailed analytics. Remote access gives managers the advantage of mobility – their time spent on monitoring is reduced and they can use their productive hours to include additional tasks.

With India’s construction industry expected to be a 690 billion-dollar industry by 2023, the stakes are high for all the players. Stay competitive with innovation and common sense and reap the rewards. GPS tech is here to stay – bringing it into your business is just a matter of time.

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