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Fleet Tracking

If you’ve ever considered GPS vehicle tracking, chances are you’ve either thought of, or heard, some of these common objections. They’re all based on reasonable assumptions — but, the actual experience users have had with this technology tells a much different, and more encouraging story.

1. GPS devices are complex to install

From installing devices to reporting and analyzing data, it’s understandable why there’s a misconception that it can be time consuming to manage GPS devices. The truth is that installing a GPS device is as easy as you want it to be. Starting with installation, it can sound like a complicated or technical process needing an expert. But this is not true. Not only are the latest line of GPS devices small and compact, but they are designed to be simple and easy to install.

2. GPS devices can be tampered and tracking is lost

Not all GPS devices can be tampered. GPS technology has evolved leaps and bounds in the past years, and the tampering has been taken well care of. Most of the high end GPS devices cannot be tampered and even if someone tries to do something fishy with the devices, the GPS device automatically notifies the admin about the irregularity so that appropriate measures can be taken in real time.

3. All GPS tracking systems are essentially equal.

Many providers simply set up basic GPS tracking capabilities, but don’t commit to helping customers leverage this powerful technology to transform the way they do business. When evaluating GPS tracking providers, determine what all information and reports their system provides. For eg, Autoload not only provides you with real time tracking of your fleet but also in depth analytics and reports about their movement pattern and route history.

4. GPS is only for big names

In this epoch of startups and small businesses getting a hype in the industry, still many think that only big organizations reach the standard to afford a GPS tracking. Any business-whether small or big, can easily bare the GPS tracking unit to keep their system intact and well-functioning. Let it be any number of vehicles- 10s, 100s or 1000s, it will in all ways benefit from receiving accurate time and location of the vehicle.

The final word on GPS vehicle tracking myths

Before you make any additional assumptions about GPS tracking, consider how much the technology has evolved in recent years. If you first heard about GPS tracking 3 years ago, then it’s likely a lot of your misconceptions about GPS tracking have changed through technology improvements or might not have been accurate in the first place.

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