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bus tracking

A vehicle tracking solution enables you to monitor fleets of vehicles or cargo containers, thereby ensuring there are no unplanned stops and that a pre-planned route is followed. However, when seen through a panoramic view, the benefits are enormous. Given below is a 360° analysis of the benefits that you can realize by implementing a trip management software for your fleet.

1. Implementation Benefits

  • Accelerates the capability to react to market and operational changes
  • Easy to integrate with existing or new third party systems
  • Improves speed and accuracy of invoicing and reporting
  • Can reduce unit costs of processing

2. Operational Benefits

  • Increased efficiency due to just-in-time operations
  • Prevent lost/damaged cargo costs
  • Collaborative Tracking for all stakeholders
  • Improve recovery of lost/misplaced containers
  • Improve equipment maintenance schedule
  • Reduce equipment inventories
  • Increase asset utilization (ex: One extra trip per year due to tracking efficiencies)

3. Productivity Benefits

  • Asset visibility & inventory management
  • Simple tracking of shipments or equipment in real-time
  • Helps achieve schedule integrity
  • Better timeliness of cargo shipments via fewer delayed and misrouted shipments
  • Fewer missed delivery windows

4. Cost Benefits

  • Reduce theft and insurance costs
  • Reduce equipment inventories and increase asset utilization
  • Reduction in undelivered cargo
  • Fewer customer allowances (late penalties)
  • Lower insurance premiums
  • Potential headcount reductions (customer can track their own cargo, eliminates calls to help desk)

5. Customer Satisfaction Benefits

  • Improve customer service and responsiveness
  • Tells users where a shipment is supposed to be and if delivery is ahead or behind schedule
  • Lower cancellations due to late service delivery
  • Improved Customer retention

6. Additional Benefits

  • Increased Billing Accuracy
  • Resolve Customer Disputes related to delivery time, service duration, and delivery location
  • Revenue from Premium service (charge additional fees to let your customers track their shipment)

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