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Fleet Tracking

Managing a fleet of vehicles comes with many challenges. Building trust among logistic stakeholders is one of them. As a logistics manager, you often come across many situations wherein you doubt driver’s behavior regarding vehicle usage or when other stakeholders doubt you at the time of late delivery. This is certainly not that you are facing alone but the majority of companies today face the same.

The objective of a manager is no longer just to ensure the movement of products from one destination to another. As customers are now demanding full visibility throughout the delivery, the objective now is to satisfy customers with quality services. Trust among the logistics stakeholders can only be built when there is complete visibility of operations.

So how can this goal be achieved? A fleet tracking system is what you need to effectively manage fleets and enhance customer experience. While the possibilities are endless, here are some ways how fleet management software integrated with GPS tracking can help in achieving your goals:

1. Improve fleet efficiency

A GPS based fleet management system provides you the ability to monitor the fleet location in real-time. Any unauthorized use of a vehicle can be monitored with real-time data. You can access information and track the driver’s current location, unscheduled or long breaks, vehicle speed, fuel, route, and unnecessary use if any. A geofencing feature in your fleet management system can further notify you if a vehicle goes beyond the defined route of a trip.

2. Build trust among the stakeholders

A central dashboard in GPS based fleet management solution allows all the stakeholders to track the movement of their consignments in real time. This results in better coordination among all the stakeholders. Moreover, consignees can now plan for better production and take effective decisions, by knowing an accurate time for arrival.

3. Increase safety

As a logistics manager, it is vital to ensure drivers safety at all times. Tracking down driver’s activities can be the best way to increase safety and to take actions during uncertainties. Even insurance companies provide discounts to fleets equipped with GPS tracking systems. Thus, the insurance premium amount can also be reduced along with increased safety.

4. Enhance Customer Experience

The ever-growing demands of the customers can be effectively met with GPS based tracking. With effective route planning, your fleet can respond to faster delivery needs of the customers. In addition, customer experience can be improved with better visibility and informed decisions as you’ll know where the vehicles are at all times. Customers can be alerted in advance if a driver is en route or will be late. Thus, customers will not have to wait for the delivery to arrive as they will be well informed with the estimated arrival time of the fleet.


Building trust among the logistics stakeholders is not a child’s play, but yes it can be created if you are equipped with the right technology. Businesses around the world are now using GPS-based fleet management system to monitor their fleet and ensure timely deliveries with efficient route planning. To learn more about how GPS fleet tracking system can benefit and streamline your business, schedule a demo of our integrated trip management software, Autoload.

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